Project Ideas 001 | Letter Keychains

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Project Ideas 001 | Letter Keychains

Resin Keychains!

During the 2020 quarantine epoxy resin projects grew greatly in popularity. It is an awesome art form even though it can be pretty tricky to master, but creates beautiful art! If you are just starting out, I recommend keychains. Resin keychains are a great place to start since the molds are smaller. A smaller and thinner surface area will help you pop bubbles and see clearly what you are doing before the resin starts to cure. 

Find a fun shape or letter silicone mold, mix your resin(and glitters or tints) and set to the side. If you give your mixed resin a few minutes to rest before pouring you will have less bubbles...bubbles are the enemy for resin projects! Next, spray your mold with isopropyl alcohol (helps prevent bubbles.) Add a thin layer of resin down and add in whatever else you want in the mold. Hit with a heat gun or small blow torch again to rid your project of bubbles. Then add a final layer filling your mold but being careful not to over pour. Over pouring can not only damage your project when the resin cures but the mold itself. If you over pour just wipe up with a q-tip! Spray your project down once more with the alcohol and let sit to cure. Cure time varies on brand of resin.

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